AMC Hospital News

AMC Hospital welcomes Dr. Maged El Sherif

Gastroenterology & Endoscopy Clinic

New Consultant Gastroenterologist has joined the Aseel Medical Care Group‼️

Dr.Maged El Sherif has graduated from Cairo University (Master of Medicine) and is a Fellow of the Royal College of...

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AMC Hospital welcomes Dr. Ossama Fathi Ellakani

AMC Hospital - Dental Clinic

Dear AMC Patients,
we are always looking forward to serving you in the best possible way and growing our services.
We are happy to inform you that Dr.Ossama Fathi Ellakani has joined AMC Dental...

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AMC Hospital welcomes Dr. Ayman Osman

AMC Hospital - Orthopedic Clinic

AMC hospital is proud to welcome the new team member of our Orthopedic Clinic Dr.Ayman Osman, MD Orthopedics and Trauma & Orthopedic Consultant.
Dr.Ayman is a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons...

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AMC Hospital welcomes Dr. Nurhan Manaseer

AMC Hospital - Nutrition Clinic

We are pleased to welcome new Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine specialist in our AMC team.
Dr. Nurhan Manaseer has MSc in Skin Aging and Aesthetic Medicine diploma from the University of Manchester...

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AMC Hospital welcomes Dr. Marwa Omar Ahmed

AMC Hospital - Dermatology Clinic

AMC hospital is proud to introduce Clinical Nutrition and Obesity Management Clinic and our new team member.
Welcome, Dr. Marwa Omar Ahmed.
Dr. Marwa has a bachelor degree in Medicine and Surgery...

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AMC Hospital welcomes Dr. Kamal Monofi

AMC Hospital - ENT Clinic

In the interest of AMC Hospital on the level of medical service provided to our patients
We cooperate with elite of consultants in different specialities
Dr Kamal Monofi ENT consultant

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Temos (Trust. Effective Medicine. Optimized Services.)

We are Temos Certified

Aseel Medical Care Hospital is proud to announce that we are certified by Germany-based accrediting organization Temos, making us one of the most competitive hospitals to have been awarded certificates...

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