Plastic Surgery

We offer the best care and natural-looking results.

Certified plastic surgery consultant Ph.D. George Gamil Gerges from Cairo is now available every month at #AMC.
Member of the Egyptian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (ESPRS) performs procedures such as:

* Face and neck surgery,
* Body surgery,
* Liposuction with the latest laser techniques,
* Corrective Breast Surgery,
* Men’s gynecomastia,
* Hair treatment (plasma injection - mesotherapy injection),
* Antiaging skin therapy (botox, filler & plasma injections),
* Microsurgical hand surgery,
* Mouth/facial birth children’s defects,
* Scar surgery, removal of skin lesions,
* Treatment of burns, wounds and injuries,
* Bedsores,
* Chronic foot ulcers & diabetic foot,
* Skin cancer treatment.

Consultations one time every month, to make reservations call: 01111107006.


AMC provide excellent medical care to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our visiting patients.

+2 065 344 1110/ 0128 344 1110 / 0111 110 7006

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