Orthopedics & Spine Surgery & Traumatology

Specialized Orthopedic & Spine Surgeons

Under the supervision of Dr. Amr El Brollosy and Dr. Seif El Din Genena, providing all related medical treatment regarding orthopedics, spine & traumatology.

Applied with highest standards & professional medical treatment reaching one of the highest success rates in the Red Sea Area & Egypt.

We can help you if you experience any of the following:
* Muscle, joint, or bone pain that began after an injury or accident
* A torn or ruptured tendon
* Instability or dislocation
* Hip or knee pain that is has been progressing
* Pain in your hip or knee that is worse during weight bearing activities
* Arthritis in your hip, knee, or elbow
* Neck or back pain
* Radiating arm or leg pain